UI/UX and Web Design

Parent company Vishay Precision Group approached us to create a design for their newly acquired BLH-Nobel brand, which focuses on custom weighing, force measurement, and pressure systems for mining, oil, process and paper industries. We developed a detailed wire frame, identifying various elements that could be managed through their Digital Asset Management system as we progressed, keeping the project on track and organized. The wire frames set the underlying structure for the final design and layout which was to be developed and populated internally.


About This Project

The site itself was developed in Drupal, with assets and resources being pulled from a Digital Asset Management system, as well as a Product Catalog Application. Organization and structure were paramount for those on the Vishay team that would be developing the website. Our thoroughly and meticulously labeled and color coded wire frames set the stage for the project to move from concept to reality as efficiently as possible, irregardless of the team responsible for the various pieces of the project.